NVDA Freezing and New Outlook....WHYYYYYY

Sharni-Lee Ward


I've mentioned this before, but as it happened again this morning and it was really frustrating I'm mentioning it again.

Since I've gotten my Braille Display (a Focus 40 Blue), NVDA keeps freezing just after Startup. It won't talk. The Braille Display shows the last thing it said. It refuses to restart. Sometimes, I can't even shut down the computer without sighted assistance, as happened this morning. This has happened both with the NVDA snapshot I got to read Braille in a more complete UEB code, and with NVDA 2016.1. My sister saw an Error window the first time this happened but I don't know what precisely that error said. I was told to make a log entry but since NVDA isn't responding at the time I would need to make a log entry, and since the log viewer only shows me the current session, I don't see how this can be possible. (Note; that it doesn't happen every single day, but when it does happen it's almost always at startup.)

Also, I go to write this email and find Outlook has changed completely! WHAT THE HECK i JUST WANTED TO WRITE AN eMAIL WHY DID U DO THIS 2 MEEEE. Seriously, the layout is so different and I can't navigate it the way I used to with NVDA commands and i HATE IT HOW CAN i GET MY NORMAL OUTLOOK BAAAAAAAAAACK.

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