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David Moore

Hi all!

I just want you to know, that I use Edge with NVDA to read PDF’s a lot, and Edge is better than even Adobe reader for reading PDF articles. Edge shows the entire article, and NVDA reads great. Once JAWS supports Edge, I believe that Edge will be a great solution for reading PDF’s. Any EPUB book can be read in Edge as well. So, Edge will be powerful once we have all of the accessibility for it.

David Moore

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OCR programs like Openbook or Omnipage don't present PDF files in their original form.  They recognize them as you would a page of text.  It is an OCR recognition and isn't and won't be considered to be the original document.  Plus, it will almost certainly have some recognition errors.



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there are only 3 solutions well 4 really that are worth mentioning 5 if
you count online.

1.  adobe reader that can save to html and or text so in theory it
should work.

2.  balabolka, or edsharp both should be able to read pdfs as text like

3.  pdf2txt, should be able to ripp files to bits even encripted files
though what you get back is unknown.

4.  abbyy fine reader, never got this to work accessibly but it can read
so can omnipage, k1000, etc most ocr packagers.

5.  google, while technically not a solution you can email the pdf to
yourself, convert to html and save the results.

6, some epub readers can read pdf and edge can though never try it.

Firefox and chrome may to but as I said never tried it.

There is also foxit but it never worked for me.

On 21/07/2017 8:33 a.m., George McCoy wrote:
> Is there a pdf reader other than Adobe Reader that works with NVDA?  I need one that preserves the document format including indentions.
> Visual inspection of the documents in Adobe Reader reveals that they contain indented lines but NVDA says that all lines are at the left margin.
> I converted the document to various formats with three different converters and in no case does the output show indented lines.
> Thanks very much,
> George


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