Re: Using the Talking Boot CD

Andrea Sherry

Will give that one a try as well.



On 21/07/2017 10:34 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
well looky at this search

If you can find maybe in asus global your board maybe you need a bios update.

Or a sightling to change boot order.

One thing, have you opened your cd drive put the disk in, closed the drive, turned off the system then held downc which is the universal cd rom access key on most if not all systems then turned on your system?

I havn't seen a system that hasn't accepted the c command to access a disk.

On 21/07/2017 10:57 a.m., Andrea Sherry wrote:
Have a Windows 10 pro 64 bit system.

Have latest NVDA.

When I attempt to boot from CD the system just goes in to windows.

My motherboard is    Asus B150M-A D.

Is there something I must do at bootup which will permit me to start the cd?


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