Some questions related to highlights and comments in pdf files as well as footnotes in Word

Felix G.

Hello list!
I'm doing some research for someone regarding accessible pdf and Word documents with NVDA, and some questions came up which I thought I'd post here in case anyone has an idea or a suggestion. I'm not an experienced Word user except very basic procedures, and not a pdf expert either, so here goes:
In Word, I can't seem to find a way to have footnotes read within the flow of text. That is, the position of the footnote is announced but not the footnote text itself within context. The affected user can of course navigate to the footnote then return to the textual context but she would like to switch to the mode of operation I just described.
In pdf files, it seems a highlight is indicated with a button which has the state of "reduced." When expanded by hitting enter on it, it turns into an empty text edit field. Also, the actual highlighted text seems to be skipped in the flow of reading.
Comments in pdfs also seem problematic. They appear as edit fields in the text, but when hitting enter on them I can't get to their contents. Rather, my arrowing is passed directly through to Adobe Reader and triggers navigation within the document.
Constructive ideas very much appreciated as the user requires the functionality for her studies.
Thanks in advance and kind regards,

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