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David Moore

Hi Hank!

I just figured out how to do this the other day.

You do not call from, or from the main Facebook web site.

You can use Chrome, like I did, and type the URL:

It is a web site for Facebook messenger.

Just type the person’s name into a search edit field, and press enter.

When you select the person’s name you are looking for, press CTRL+Home to get to the top of the messenger web site. Press H a couple of times, until you hear their name. Then, down arrow until you find two links. The first is audio call, and the second is video call.

Press enter on one of them, and another web page will open in another window that you alt+tab to. When it opens, arrow down to the call button and press enter. You will hear a ringing sound, and they will answer if they are there LOL!

You will notice that on this page, there is an end call button.

That is the key.

Instead of calling from a facebook site, you can call from:

Chrome browser does work great with it.

David Moore

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From: The Wolf
Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2017 12:40 AM
Subject: [nvda] making audio call using chrome and


Hello I was hanging out with my friend who can see and he made a call

from google chrome to one of his friends  on facebook messanger and was

able to talk using the computer


how ever I can not find out how to do this with nvda I checked on the


and the main


messanger can any one tell me how do do this with nvda?










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