Re: looking for a good torrent program

Joshua Hendrickson

I don't get torrents as much as I used to. I can get so many books
from bard, audible, or bookshare that I just don't need to get
torrents. You are correct that a lot of torrent sites don't work any
more. I still use utorrent and it works fine.

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I was finding so many torrent sites banned here and so many of the torrents

I could get laced with malware or taking half a lifetime to download that I

no longer bother much with torrents. It seems to be inhabited with crooks
scammers and copyright breachers most of the time, no I don't want the
latest porn video or the rest of the junk...grin.

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I still use uTorrent 1.8.4 without any issue still and without all the

From: Bobby
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Subject: [nvda] looking for a good torrent program

hay I was wondering what blind people use for torrenting. I use to use
utorrent butt it is not as accessible as it use to be. Just let me know
if you have any ideas

Joshua Hendrickson

Joshua Hendrickson

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