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Hi, although QRead is a neat little program, it does not retain format, quite to the contrary. If you need a application that will read a PDF which is not image-based, and format is not an issue, QRead works very well though. I've seen Tweets suggesting that a future release of QRead will be able to do OCR on image-based PDF's, but no indication on when that will be available. Based on what I currently have installed, the best way to get access to correctly formatted PDF's, especially those which are image-based, Fine Reader does the best job. As previously mentioned on the list, KNFB Reader for Windows is quick and pretty accurate, but it makes an absolute mess of the format.

On 22/07/2017 13:57, john s wrote:
George, I think QRead reads pdf files but I don't know about preserving formats.
At 10:04 PM 7/21/2017, you wrote:
Thanks very much for the great suggestions, everydody. I’ll check them all out and see if any of them eet my needs.


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Is there a pdf reader other than Adobe Reader that works with NVDA? I need one that preserves the document format including indentions.
Visual inspection of the documents in Adobe Reader reveals that they contain indented lines but NVDA says that all lines are at the left margin.
I converted the document to various formats with three different converters and in no case does the output show indented lines.

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