NVDA and the Online Bible.

Jim Noseworthy

Hi Folks:


When I press the Insert+* keys after cursoring up/down, (move navigator object to mouse), I am able to read the Online Bible as I cursor down through the particular book.  My question is, is there a way to make this happen automatically when I press the up & down cursor keys?


It’s unfortunate that NVDA, ( a free screen reading program,), does not work with the Online Bible, (a free complete Bible resource program), even though JAWS works very well with the program.


Whether we do, or do not read the Bible, there’s no denying that it is, extremely important to many NVDA users.


Any time, fully functioning programs are made availible, such as Jart, or the Online bible, for example, which are absolutely free, there should be a way to make NVDA compatible with such programs.


Perhaps add-ons can solve the problem, I don’t really know.


Thanks all over the place.


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