books to download from within nvda?

Katty Geltmeyer <kattygeltmeyer@...>



I don't know if this is already possible with nvda or if this is a planned feature. But I have both nvda and Supernova installed on my machine. In supernova you have a books shelf and you can connect with online books services (like and from within supernova.  In this way I could download my daisy-books within supernova. Is there a similar function in nvda or is it planned? The handy thing of this way of downloading daisy-books is, that there's no need for unzipping folders. In supernova the sources of online books services are limited, I e.g. only can connect with services from the Netherlands and Belgium.  In the menu there's also a section news, podcasts, … But I can't add podcasts myself as sources I want to follow. And sometimes there are problems with books I want to download that Supernova don't solve within a short time period. That's why I am wondering if nvda has similar functionalities.


Thanks for the info.


Best, Katty




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