NVDA 2017.2 on new desktop PC announcing Unknown!

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Hi All,

Got a new desktop, never used before and first thing I did was to install NVDA latest version. After navigating around the main desktop and some of the windows 10 settings screens I kept getting NVDA announcing, "Unknown" all the time as I tabbed and so on. I disabled any lock screens, screen savers and the like. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the video card which is an Intel HD 630.
After doing all the above I uninstalled and reinstalled NVDA but still no success. Even when I go onto the Taskbar and arrow along it, NVDA just announces, "Unknown". On the main desktop screen when I open up a context menu there is nothing, NVDA doesn't announce any of the menus options, not even announce that the menu is in fact open.
Just wondered if there were any suggestions as to what might be going on here.

Many thanks for a great list and wonderful program such as NVDA.


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