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In the scenario I had when the dlls were not registered not even the nvda menus worked.

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hi paul

Before you do it with the instructions sent while nvda is running do the following.

restart nvda, then use the nvda key + leter N to get into the preferences of NVDA.

Arrow to general settings then press the enter key. You will need to tab a few times until you hear nvda sayLogging level: debug

In your case it will say info it is a combo box and change it down to that settings, then tab down to the ok button.

repeat the process to get to this other section but down this time.

Arrow down to the tools menu a sub menu will come off it. It is called view log then press the enter key.

this will have just about every keystroke etc or or where the problems might be for the developers.

this log will need to be saved to your desktop so is easy to find. Some body should after you send it put it into a ticket i know there is one but will have to find it. I do not have access to do this.

you can not send it as a attachment as it gets stripped out of the emails so might have to be sent in one.

make sure the steps for in the general section are done first set the level to debug or what ever the setting is in this email.

then do the log stuff. make sure you tab around etc where the problems were saying unknow etc so it catches it so hopefully a update to the ticket can be done.

gene nz

On 7/24/2017 11:01 PM, Mailing Lists wrote:

Hi All,

Got a new desktop, never used before and first thing I did was to install NVDA latest version. After navigating around the main desktop and some of the windows 10 settings screens I kept getting NVDA announcing, "Unknown" all the time as I tabbed and so on. I disabled any lock screens, screen savers and the like. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the video card which is an Intel HD 630.
After doing all the above I uninstalled and reinstalled NVDA but still no success. Even when I go onto the Taskbar and arrow along it, NVDA just announces, "Unknown". On the main desktop screen when I open up a context menu there is nothing, NVDA doesn't announce any of the menus options, not even announce that the menu is in fact open.
Just wondered if there were any suggestions as to what might be going on here.

Many thanks for a great list and wonderful program such as NVDA.


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