urgent - Google Drive: file download issue

Bhavya shah

Dear all,
For a model United Nation named Indian International MUN, we are
expected to prepare somewhat on the basis of specified instructions,
agenda and a study guide that they have provided.
Now, I would like to download this file, for offline access.
My file is IAEA.docx as I am a delegate of China in the International
Atomic Energy Agency.
When I click that link, both in Internet Explorer and in Mozilla
Firefox, the file is shown in a viewer, and even using Internet
Download Manager, I am unable to locate a .docx file to download by
the same name.
Thus, could someone please instruct me as to how I could go about
getting this document downloaded rather being displayed online itself
in the browser? I f someone could do the process for me themselves and
attach the file as an atttachment (should be a hopefully tiny document
file), and explain what they did to download later, that would be
extremely appreciated too.
I have not more than a few days in hand, as the competition starts on
Thursday, and I have something else this weekend too for which I am
absolutely busy, hence, it will be in school and at times when I will
not have Internet access when I will be able to best research about
IIMUN through their study guide. Will do further research online too,
of course.
I would sincerely appreciate any quick assistance you may able to provide!

Warm Regards
Bhavya Shah
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