Re: XP warnings


Well it depends on what its used for.

Xp is quite secure as long as you don't have to go online via standard net.

I mean xp imbedded is still used in eftpos terminals somehow.

Chances are if all you do is connect through some server for whatever you need and not directly through to the net the server is the thing that needs securing and all thats connected to it.

But yeah, just be happy politicians do not write or build our computers.

On 26/07/2017 3:59 a.m., The Gamages wrote:

To those warning of the vulnerability of the XP operating system, perhaps
you should direct these at the UK Ministry of defense as the brand new 3.5
billion pound aircraft carrier has XP as it’s operating system. If the
warnings are correct, that’s frightening.
The defense minister says it’s quite safe as the security surrounding the
operating system is more than adequate and, of course, we all trust

don’t we?
Perhaps it’s not connected to the internet?

Best Regards, Jim.

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