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You'd think with the cloud as it is, that you could just lock it all down, have a cloud system handle things like this, cloud systems can and do handle stuff like this.

Look at what happened when bits of google/ amazonaws dropped off the face of the net for a bit a lot of the net died so again they allready handle most of the net they can probably handle the rest if given the right instruction.

On 26/07/2017 7:14 a.m., Travis Siegel wrote:
Yep, that's exactly what happened. There are things hackers can do to change dns entries if the dns servers aren't locked down, (or if the hackers are persistent enough, they can do it even if the dns servers are locked down if the hackers can guess from where updates are allowed), then it's a simple matter for said hacker to change dns records to point elsewhere. Generally, this sort of thing happens when hosting companies leave their dns servers open to updates from anywhere (not just their own servers/networks), and as a result, it becomes an exercise in record guessing for the hackers in question). Unfortunately, a lot of hosting companies still don't lock down their dns records even after repeated hacks like this, either because they don't know how (someone really ought to teach isps that dns configuration is more than just copying some text files and dropping them into your dns directory), or because they think they can't lock down things because they have updates coming from too many locations (this is false, but often times, it's easier to leave dns servers open to facilitate such updates), and so, hackers have a field day with dns records, and the poor domain owners usually have to deal with the fall-out). Not fun for anyone but (presumably) the hackers in this go around. <sigh>

I honestly don't see the draw of all of this nonsense, but apparently, someone gets something out of it, which is why it's done, but I never did figure out what the point of it all was.

In any case, it appears the problem is (for the moment) solved, and the site should be operational for the time being, until somebody gets it into their heads to go make said changes again.

On 7/25/2017 8:08 AM, Gene wrote:
I got the correct site just now. I'm not sure what is going on and I don't have the technical knowledge to know if this makes sense. I wonder if there is a DNS problem? Could someone be changing where DNS servers, if that is the right term, resolve to and doing nothing to the site or the actual server itself?
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Hi guys

it is gene from New Zealand who has the Accessibility website that is been diverted at the moment. it is not my website so please do not go to it just in case.

until it is sorted out or hosted elsewhere i have zipped the website up in a program called 7 zip file manager which was used to do it.

you might need a program like that to access the contents of it.

you might have to make a folder first then put all the files into it.

then it is a matter of going to the index file and pressing the enter key on it. to get to the information.

the zip file has been scanned with anti virus and malware programs and it says it is clean.

If you want to download the zip file it is going to be put into a drop box account which i will share on this list if you want it until this is sorted out.

the drop box link is
the copy or back up is from the 19 th of July if it is all there and it looks like it.
not the thing i would usually do but just in case the info is lost for any reason i would hate it not been shared as it was doing for the community.

Gene nz

On 7/23/2017 1:54 PM, Laurie Mehta via Groups.Io wrote:

Could someone please post how to remove a bookmark in firefox?
I want to remove my bookmark for now to avoid clicking on the tutorial page until it is safe again.

It is totally rotten that anyone would hijack such a thoughtfully arranged resource for us.

Gene, I'm sorry that this has happened.

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