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Greg is doing what I put in the Microsoft Word with NVDA module.  Which worked great when I wrote it.... Evidently Microsoft have changed how that find toolbar works, yippee!

Ok, if you type your search term, press TAB twice and it will say "Previous result".  You can then press NVDA+numpad 4 (laptop: NVDA+shift+left arrow) to move to the previous item, which is the number of results.

If there are no results, when you press TAB twice, it will say "Tab control, Results tab selected".  There is a piece of text before that (and before the headings and pages tab headers) which reads "No matches" but it's not proving easy to get to.

The good thing about Office 365 is that you may not need to wait for Office 2019 for things to be fixed, added or updated.  The bad thing about Office 365, is it's proving to be a moving target in trying to pin down exactly how to do some tasks.

This is the perfect example - visually, that find toolbar doesn't look any different to how it previously look, so most users wouldn't even noticed any change, but it's often little changes like this which can easily trip up keyboard and screen reader users.



On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 12:36 PM, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
NVDA numpad 6 is an object navigation command to move to the next object.  It sounds to me as though you want to read the status line.  The command to read the status line is NVDA key end.  I don't use word so I don't know if that is where the information will be displayed but using the read next object command is unlikely to just happen to move you to such information in circumstances like this. 
Based on what you are hearing, there is no next or previous object where you are.  If you are in a dialog, you may be able to move up and down in the dialog by using the read previous line and read next line.  Those commands are just plain numpad 4 and just plain Numpad 6.  If you don't understand the difference between the different ways of reviewing text on screen, I can send you a link to a tutorial where such matters are explained.  I haven't looked at the sections of the tutorial to cover the information but the tutorial is popular.
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I’m working with some documents in MS Word 2016 and having trouble with the “Find” command, I am pressing Control/F and entering the text I am looking for. Then I press NVDA/numpad 6 to hear the number of occurrences of the text I am looking for. That’s the part I can’t get to work. NVDA/numpad 6 is just telling me “no next”. If I try NVDA/numpad 4, I get “no previous”. What am I missing? Thanks.



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