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hi Andy

Are you using a desktop pc the say all command is the nvda key + down arrow key.

I just looked in the user manual and copied both the desk top and lap top commands.

Say all
Starts reading from the current position of the system caret, moving it along as it goes

If you only want to hear words spoken use the nvda key + number 3 on the qwerty keyboard.

 you should hear speak typed words on or off. make sure it is on.

To turn off the reporting of the characters each time they are pressed use the nvda key + number 2 on the qwerty keyboard until you hear it say speak typed characters off.

The manual can be found under the following section in nvda when it is running. Press the nvda key + letter N. When it comes up arow down to the help menu a sub menu will come off it and there is where the user manual is.

gene nz

On 7/26/2017 2:39 PM, Andy wrote:
I use JAWS as my primary screen reader, but have begun using NVDA now that I have installed the Elequence and Vocalizer voices.
Does NVDA have a "read all" command like JAWS? and how do I get the keyboard to echo words rather than every character?

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