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Yes I was using the term to mean basic really.
I did initially test it when I had continuous access to win ten, but was a bit fed up with continual new versions of windows. Hopefully they will stop at some point and just let people chuck along with security updates, then I'll get a machine install something usable and have a quiet life. AT the moment since I paid some money for the patch files for the old OE it has worked very well in windows 7. Did work on 10 but it was Microsoft who deliberately uninstalled it when a major update took place. Not a good move in my view.
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better than Tbird
There really aren't many e-mail clients that fall into that category, free or paid. And heaven knows that Thunderbird is accessible. It's essentially the same people who have written Firefox that have and still are working on Thunderbird.

The Windows 10 email app is not "bog standard" in a variety of ways, starting with its use of the new universal apps interface. It lacks a large number of functions that "power users" (and that includes a lot of people who routinely post here) expect.

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