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I want to have my accounts in seperate little boxes isolated from each other not in a tree of accounts as Live mail and Thuunderbird do also Tbird uses completely different keyboard shortcuts.
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I am missing something here. I have been using Thunderbird for many years and find it totally accessible and just as easy to use as Outlook Express. What issues are people having with Thunderbird and NVDA?

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better than Tbird

There really aren't many e-mail clients that fall into that category, free or paid. And heaven knows that Thunderbird is accessible. It's essentially the same people who have written Firefox that have and still are working on Thunderbird.

The Windows 10 email app is not "bog standard" in a variety of ways, starting with its use of the new universal apps interface. It lacks a large number of functions that "power users" (and that includes a lot of people who routinely post here) expect.

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