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First, did you reboot?  If so and it didn't solve the problem, System Restore would very likely fix it.  It may be too much to hope for, most of the time when I suggest using system restore, it either isn't turned on on the users' machine or it isn't working properly.  
Far more often than a problem with how it works, it isn't turned on.  I hope it is in your case.  Unless people have some other reversion program, I consider it essential to have System Restore on.  If you do, you could run a restore point from before the problem started. 
Also, what do you mean by SPI?  Do you mean SAPI?  Gene? 
There may be a way to repair MSAPI5. 
Also, it may be that nothing is wrong with SAPI5.  I would think that a general message such as unable to load synth could mean that there is a problem with what3ever synthesizer is being used.  A synthesizer is not the same as SAPI.  SAPI is an application program interface that will run any synthesizer that is designed to run using SAPI.  So the actual premise of your question, that SAPI is corrupt or nonexistent if not at all certain.  What synthesizer are you using?  Because of the various possibilities and considerations I've discussed, System Restore, as reluctant as many people are to use it, may well be the fastest and easiest way to solve the problem.  People often cause themselves a lot of unnecessary problems because they don't want to run System Restore.  There is a certain amount of risk in running it, just as there is in running any program that works with files in such ways, but most of the time, if it works, it works properly.  If it can't work properly, most of the time, it lets your system finish booting and displays a message that it couldn't restore it and that your system has been unchanged.   
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From: Tony James
Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2017 12:07 AM
Subject: [nvda] how can i get microsoft spi5engine

hi all, i don't no how this happened, but the spi5 tts seems to have
disappeared from my win7 laptop.  whenever i try to select the tts
engine from the nvda synthesizer dialog, it says, cannot load the synth.
any ideas?  thx

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