Re: OE Classic is more accessible. Developers test with NVDA.


It is not as accessible as Windows Live Mail.  True, the differences in accessibility are minor but they can be very annoying.  The main annoyance is that in Thunderbird, by default, the subject is displayed first and the name second in the headers.  a lot of people want the name displayed first.  But you can't change this from the keyboard.  you have to drag and drop.  And how many people know how to do that, though it can be done. 
In Windows Live mail, the order of headings is fully accessible from the keyboard.
Also, Windows Live Mail has two features that Thunderbird doesn't.  One is the ability to jump to the default inbox from wherever you are in the message list with the command control I.  The second is that you can read all mail as plain text but if there is an individual message you want to read as html, you don't have to fool around changing settings.  You can just open the message and use the command alt shift h.  That message will be displayed as html until you close it and all other messages will continue to be displayed as plain text.  if you open the message you displayed as html again, you will have to issue the alt shift h command again to cause it to be displayed as html. 
If you don't like ribbons, you might not want to use it, at least the ribbon version.  There is an older menu version.  And you have to set message rules on the server if you use IMAP, whereas Thunderbird allows you to set message rules in the program.  There is also a quirk I won't write about here but if anyone is interested, I'll address it in a later message about reading mail as plain text.  It works fine for that but there is a quirk you need to know about to do this. 

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I personally don't understand why so many people hate Thunderbird. It is
the most accessible email client out there to date. I like it because,
like I said, it rests in my dropbox so never have to install it to
mmachines. At least the OE developers are working on making OE Classic
accessible. I wish they would open source the code though so that is
just me. I tried it for a while and like where it is going, even though
I am sticking with Thunderbird.

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