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Hi Katty,

I'm not a developrer of NVDA, but based on interviews I've heard from people who are, NVDA tries to be the screen reader's screen reader.  Downloading books really doesn't have that much to do with interpreting information from the screen in speech or braille which is the strict definition of a screen reader.

As some have said, there could always be an add-on created to do this; however, by NVDA's definition, you would acquire adobe digital editions, kindle for pc, google play books, goread, kobo, or any sort of book reader you want.  Use that book reader software to acquire and read books.  Of course, I don't know how much dutch content they have, but this is really the direction the NVDA community would encourage you to go.


Erik Burggraaf

On Apr 10, 2016, at 9:14 AM, Katty Geltmeyer <kattygeltmeyer@...> wrote:

I don't know if this is already possible with nvda or if this is a planned feature. But I have both nvda and Supernova installed on my machine. In supernova you have a books shelf and you can connect with online books services (like and from within supernova.  In this way I could download my daisy-books within supernova. Is there a similar function in nvda or is it planned? The handy thing of this way of downloading daisy-books is, that there's no need for unzipping folders. In supernova the sources of online books services are limited, I e.g. only can connect with services from the Netherlands and Belgium.  In the menu there's also a section news, podcasts, … But I can't add podcasts myself as sources I want to follow. And sometimes there are problems with books I want to download that Supernova don't solve within a short time period. That's why I am wondering if nvda has similar functionalities.
Thanks for the info.
Best, Katty 

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