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Is there any reason that NVDA can't, for technical reasons have a screen echo setting like JAWS does to echo new text as it appears on screen?  In JAWS this setting is manually turned on with JAWS key s and you set the screen echo to all using this command.  A long time ago, I used to use this option to read text as it changed in Hyperterminal.  As I recall, It didn't read the entire screen every time text changed.  It would read what changed. 
If this command is going to be properly useful, a command to skip lines when reading in this way and another command to move back by line and continue reading from where you moved back or forward to would be necessary.  Just having everything new read without  move back and forward commands would significantly detract from the feature.  But not having such a feature is a limitation of NVDA that may be significant for some users.

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Actually, you can, but that’ll require weeks of effort depending on what kind of control it is and experience you are looking for. The best place to suggest this would be the add-ons ilst on Groups.IO.




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I doubt it.  NVDA doesn't have any sort of speak all command as JAWS and Window-eyes do to automatically speak text as it appears nor does NVDA have anything like what are called hyperactive Windows in Window-eyes or frames in JAWS that you can set to speak parts of the screen automatically as text changes.  NVDA is scripted, if that is the correct way to describe it, to automatically speak new text in some cases such as in the command prompt window.  But if you want it to do so in cases where it doesn't, I am not aware of any way to make it do so.  You may be able to have someone who works on projects cause NVDA to do what you want in the program.  I don't know where you would make such an inquiry.


Meantime, Window-eyes will still be able to be used for quite some time and you may want to use it for this specific purpose while swoitching to NVDA in general.


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I’m using MicroFocus Reflection terminal emulator. How can I get NVDA to automatically speak  the new text that is scrolled onto the screen.  I have Report Dynamic Content changes turned on. But NVDA is silent as the new data appears on the screen.  Also, the text that I type at the prompt does not speak as I type.


In Window-Eyes there was a method that I tapped into called OnChildClipRendered which tracked all the text displayed to the screen.  Is there something similar in NVDA.


I need for the new text to speak as it is displayed to the screen. 




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