Re: How do you access a PDF file using NVDA!!!

Chris Mullins


You can download the adobe Acrobat reader DC and install it and make it the default app for .pdf files.  Then when you open  a pdf document, it will use this app.  The first time you use it, the app may detect you are using a screen reader and open the Set-up Assistant.  If this does not  happen, press alt+e, then y.  Select ‘Set-up Assistant and  press enter.  This guides you through configuring how documents are displayed.                you mwill be asked what accessibility features you wish to enable.  The choices are ‘all’, ‘Screen reader’ or Magnifier’.  You can elect to use the defaults for whatever feature you selected  but I like to next through the screens and have a look at what is available.  When you get to the last screen, activate the finish button and your settings are saved.  I set mine to single page display and use control pageup/pagedown to move page by page through a document.





Tab through the settings controls and use arrow keys to navigate control options. 

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Thanks a lot….



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