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Arun Gaalla

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Hi Arun,


Using the latest Adobe Reader DC, you should be able to read a properly setup PDF file just like many other documents in other programs.


If you get a message saying that there is no text in the document, then it's likely that the PDF was created as an image - even if to a sighted user it is full of text (it's like a photograph of a page from a book).  NVDA has an add-on which can automatically run OCR over such an image.  See: for that.  If you are using Windows 10, in the upcoming NVDA 2017.3 there is an OCR feature built in (which works much the same way).  You could either install the add-on and then uninstall it when 2017.3 comes out, or you can try a "Master" snapshot build of NVDA now, which is like a beta version:


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