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Rosemarie Chavarria

I had to do that recently. Some messages for the music list I'm on were going to the spam folder so I went to the gmail site and checked the messages that it said were spam. Then I hit the "not spm" button and the messages got moved to the correct folder.

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This happens a lot more than most people realize and leads to all sorts of unnecessary test messages. One needs to take a look at their spam folder at least once a month to see what one has missed because of the stupid spam filters in use these days and mark those messages as not spam.


On 7/28/17, Don H <lmddh50@...> wrote:
So with some help from list members I figured out that my new Email
provider was saying Emails from the list were spam and blocking them.
Of course the web page to resolve the issue is real difficult to
manage with a screen reader so I had to get some sighted help from my son.

Thanks to all for the help.

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