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I do not think pixels in the camera has anything to do with accuracy, after a point. K1000 and openbook, bothe have default resolutions of 300 dpi---dots per inch. I sometimes set the resolution a t 400 dpi when scanning very small texlike six and under. Ocr programs do not use high resolution; programs used to scan pictures and graphics do use much higher resolutions.

Now if I could find a basic tutorial for using FineReader I would be happier.

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Funnily enough, of late I find camera made images ocr better than the
scanned ones do, I guess this might be the pixel definition or something, no
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I have a brother milti function machine which I purchased for the
document feeder.

It came with that Paperport program whic I find unsatisfactory.

I'm not scanning many documents but what I want is accuracy rather than


On 30/07/2017 2:04 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
What are your exact needs and what hardware are you using to scan with?

A great many multi-function machines with document feeders come with
their own scanning software that interfaces with NVDA quite well.

More detail is necessary.
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