Re: Problem with Edge

Tony Ballou


If you are going to do something that intense, it may be best to call
the Microsoft disability center and have them help you with it. Registry
editing can get rather sticky and you need to be careful in there.
Personally, I will say that I have done it a few times but not without
loads of trepidation. To contact the Microsoft folks call 800 936-5900
for guidance with this one.


On 7/29/2017 6:05 AM, Lee Jones wrote:
Dear List, I want to use NVDA with edge on windows ten home but it just keeps telling me that it can’t open the app. I have read online that you can’t access edge from a built in administrator account. It won’t let me create another account to sign in with. I think the only way to do it is to edit the registry. This is a daunting prospect. Could some kind soul explain how you edit the registery with NVDA so that edge will open.

Many Thanks, Lee

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