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Tony Ballou


Oh yeah that's right, should be just to the right and beneath the drive in most cases. 


On 7/30/2017 10:48 AM, Gene wrote:
Doesn't the computer have a button somewhere around or maybe on the cd drawer?  The button opens the drawer and closes it.  I haven't seen or heard of a computer without such a button and I assume it is standard.  You don't have to eject a cd using a command from the computer keyboard. 
I'm not sure these days, in versions of Windows later than XP if you should still use safely eject hardware.  But when dealing with a cd, whose content can't be changed in any way by ejecting it, you can just use the button somewhere around the cd drawer.
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Hello Nasreen,

Your guidance below worked for me very well.

use press application key when your external drive is focused and find eject and press enter!

I am wondering if there is any keyboard commands that will close the CD draw after the disc is being ejected and removed.

I am manually pushing the draw to close.

Any help from any member will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all again and with many regards





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