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Don H

Thanks that is just what I was looking for.

On 7/30/2017 2:39 PM, Gene wrote:
Use NVDA key v when on a web page to turn use screen layout off.  The command toggles between on and off.  Off causes all links to be read on separate lines.  This should be the default and it probably causes a lot of unnecessary confusion among new users that it isn't. 
After you change this setting, use NVDA key control c to make sure the setting is saved.  The default is for NVDA to save changes on exit but I don't know if you have changed the setting and the command I gave will save the setting.
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Subject: [nvda] multiple links on one line

Keep in mind that I am in the middle of trying to learn NVDA and Jaws at
the same time.  I am using NVDA as my primary screen reader replacing
Window Eyes which I used for twenty years.

On some web pages I am finding links that are bunched together on one
line.  Is there a way to get NVDA to read a web page as if each link is
on a separate line?


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