I use variant none whıch is much more responsive than other voices.

On 7/31/17, Heaven Botma <> wrote:
Dear group

I have NVDA 2017.2, Windows 10, the Creators' Update and MS Office 2010 on
my laptop. I have recently been experiencing the following problems:

When I type, NVDA has a lag. I have completed typing a word and NVDA is
still spelling the word I have already typed. This happens on the
iinternet, in MS office or wherever I am.

The other problem is that when I try to open icons on the the desktop, or
the internet, NVDA is late in announcing things, so I enter on the wrong
icon since the cursor is already on an icon ahead of the one NVDA
Eg: I have 3 icons starting with "t" on the desktop, "TW Blue", "Tap In
Radio" and "This PC". NVDA will announce "This PC" but the cursor is on
Blue", therefore I open the wrong thing.

I am using Speeech player in e-speak's Edward voice as the synthesiser.

What can I do to solve this?

Kind regards

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