Project Contact Lenses: almost done with August edition of add-on development guide


Dear NVDA community,


I’m delighted to announce the publication of August 2017 edition of NVDA Add-on Development Guide. Highlights include two new appendices and the correct link for NVDA Core development guide.


The add-on guide can be found at:


The new appendices are:

  • Appendix C: comparing various add-on types, a table that compares global plugins, app modules and drivers.
  • Appendix D: notes and references for scripters of other screen readers, a table containing over sixty tasks that scripts may contain that can be done with NVDA.


For new community members: In May 2017, VFO (Vector Freedom Optelec) announced end of sales for Window=Eyes and offered users a chance to migrate to JAWS 18 for free or reduced costs. However, some users decided to take the opportunity to switch to NVDA, thus Gene Asner wrote the transition guide from Window-Eyes to NVDA. For the NVDA add-ons community, knowing that Window-Eyes had a great scripting system and popular scripts (called apps in Window-Eyes world) were written for it, it was felt that a way to help Window-Eyes scripters to transition to NVDA add-ons world as smoothly as possible. Thus Project Contact Lenses was announced in June 2017 in order to provide a route for scripters of other screen readers to transform their scripts into NVDA add-ons, and part of this involved editing the NVDA Add-on Development Guide to provide relevant info for them.


Regarding the overall progress of this project: I’m happy to announce that the project is almost done. With the publication of August 2017 version of add-on development guide that includes various tables to help scripters transition to NVDA add-ons community, there are just two more things to be done: a meeting with scripters of other screen readers, and seeing some scripts coming to the community add-ons website once transformed. The first task will be in the form of a hands-on lab during 2017 NVDA Add-ons Festival, and at that meeting, I’ll be challenging scripters to give add-on writing a try.


Regarding Add-on Development Guide: as the author of this guide, I would like to receive feedback, particularly from people coming from other screen readers, especially from scripters to make sure the information is accurate. I’d like to receive feedback from scripters in regards to appendix D – what should be added, changed, removed and what not.


Thanks to everyone who have provided valuable feedback regarding Project Contact Lenses. I hope that users and scripters of other screen readers would find the updated guide helpful as they transition to NVDA.




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