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Kindle books compatible with JAWS will work just as well with NVDA.

The vast majority of eBooks, including Kindle ones, have digital rights management on them. This means that you can't just copy into a text file; the idea is that you only read the file in an approved app, such as Kindle.

You can refund a bought Kindle book with no questions asked if you're unsure about accessibility, so I'd say get the very latest NVDA and Kindle for PC and you're good to go.

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Subject: [nvda] Using NVDA for Ebooks and Kindle

Dear Group,

There are many books on that are in Kindle form.

The description says they are only compatible with JAWS.

I'm wondering if reading these books is possible with NVDA?

Are these Kindle books the same thing as Ebooks, and are they
just something you can cut and paste into Notepad or Word?

Thanks for the help.

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