Re: NVDA And TripleTalk Synthesizer


Thanks for the response and the steps to follow. I will give it a try. I had begun to think this list was only for frequent flyers with 6 comments on the same issue.

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You could try decreasing the amount of punctuation which is spoken
automatically using the following steps:
1. Press insert-n to open the NVDA menu.
2. Arrow down to Preferences.
3. Press the right arrow to open the submenu.
4. Arrow down to Voice settings and press the Enter key
5. Tab to Punctuation settings and just use the up or down arrow to
change the setting.
6. Press the Enter key to get out of that dialog.

I hope this helps.
Kevin Huber

On 4/8/16, gstoodley <gstoodley@...> wrote:
I am a very beginning NVDA user with a TripleTalk USB speech synthesizer and

the most recent version of NVDA. NVDA keeps saying “bar” or “L” before each

item in a list as I arrow through the list. Is there a setting to stop
these repetitions of characters that don’t seem to be present?

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