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I think we need to know the spec of the machine and how much throttling back it has selected. Last time this came up it turned out to be a laptop where the processor was so throttled back that it almost ran backwards!

Advanced power management or whatever its under these days slide the thing up from its stupid less than 10 percent to 50 percent if this does not fix it on a multicore machine then this is not the cause.
However if the machine is a laptop this action will use more battery power of course.
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA IS SLUGGISH

Dear group

I have NVDA 2017.2, Windows 10, the Creators' Update and MS Office 2010 on
my laptop. I have recently been experiencing the following problems:

When I type, NVDA has a lag. I have completed typing a word and NVDA is
still spelling the word I have already typed. This happens on the
iinternet, in MS office or wherever I am.

The other problem is that when I try to open icons on the the desktop, or on
the internet, NVDA is late in announcing things, so I enter on the wrong
icon since the cursor is already on an icon ahead of the one NVDA announces.
Eg: I have 3 icons starting with "t" on the desktop, "TW Blue", "Tap In
Radio" and "This PC". NVDA will announce "This PC" but the cursor is on "TW
Blue", therefore I open the wrong thing.

I am using Speeech player in e-speak's Edward voice as the synthesiser.

What can I do to solve this?

Kind regards

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