Re: multiple links on one line

Tony Ballou

Hi Don,

I saw something about this a while ago. and hope this is right. I
think if you go to the preferences section of the nvda menu there's a
checkbox in the browse mode option that when checked will do this. The
checkbox you'll be looking for is the use screen layout when supported
option. Check it and that should do it.


On 7/30/2017 3:33 PM, Don H wrote:
Keep in mind that I am in the middle of trying to learn NVDA and Jaws
at the same time. I am using NVDA as my primary screen reader
replacing Window Eyes which I used for twenty years.

On some web pages I am finding links that are bunched together on one
line. Is there a way to get NVDA to read a web page as if each link
is on a separate line?


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