About number processing feature

Tejas Bendre

Hello friends,
I want to say something to nvda developers. I try latest
snapshot of nvda. there is one new feature call number processing.
but I want to say something about that when I set number processing on
digit mode
that time we get digit more like
1 call one
12 call one two
123 call one two three
1234 call one two three fore
12345 call one two three four five
and so on
where 5 and above digit come that time number process should work by digit
or other tipe.
but before 5 digit digit announce like this
1 call one
12 call twelve
123 call one hunred and twenty three
1234 call twelve thirty four or one thoujen thirty four
and one more thing when I set number processing in digit mode
so that time come any where
e speek TTS speak time in digit mode only.
but I want time should be tell this way
for example current time is 12:34 so time should tell
twelve thirty four
twelve colen thirty four
but time saying like this
one two colon three fore.
so Can anybody nvda developer change this?
Because this is very important for every user.
please forgive me for my English.

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