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Thanks everyone for the help.  I will have to get some Kindle books and try out what you suggest.

Just curious, what other options are there for Ebooks besides Kindle and Amazon?   You guys
mentioned other formats and vendors of ebooks, but I am not aware of any that are mainstream.

Thank you.

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The latest version of the Kindle for PC app will work rather nicely with NVDA and, as of now, no accessibility plug-in is needed.

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I'd imagine you need the accessible version of the Kindle Application to read those unless somebody has hacked the format which is probably illegal.

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Dear Group,

There are many books on that are in Kindle form.

The description says they are only compatible with JAWS.

I'm wondering if reading these books is possible with NVDA?

Are these Kindle books the same thing as Ebooks, and are they
just something you can cut and paste into Notepad or Word?

Thanks for the help.

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