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Are you kidding? There's hundreds of places to get ebooks.  Here's just a few I use.

they publish their own material, as well as provide ebooks for other publishers such as event horizons, Blind side, Fordstreet, Wordfire, Yarddog, ufo publishing, pinbeam, fairwood, jabberwocky, and others.

(they have a program that you can join for free if you are print impaired to gain access to all of the books they publish, including the ones from other publishers.  It may not be on the main page, so you may have to hunt for it, but I've been a member for many years now, so haven't needed the link for quite some time.  If anyone has trouble finding it, let me know, and I can direct the proper people to you or vice versa).

A couple authors got together, and put their books up there for sale, C. J. Cherry, and lynn Abbey are the two I'm aware of, though there may be others.

mostly public domain books in the us, though there are a few commercial modern books there as well.

Lots of independent authors put their books up here for download.  You can find all kinds of good stuff here, though you'll need to search, since there's not a whole lot of organization there, unless you like the categories they already have (I don't), so finding books is not as straightforward as it might otherwise be, but there are a good number of free stories on there too, so it's always worth a look.

I primarily use them for a couple magazine subscriptions, but they have other things there too.

Has several genres, including science fiction, mystery, and younger readers.  I generally only hit this site when a new book comes out by H. Susan Shaw, since we go to the same church, and her books are very amusing.
Lots of books on technical topics, I've purchased things from them (mostly related to mac material), but the books are very well written, and are generally pretty full featured.
Science fiction books written by a single author, but I've bought everything on the site, and didn't regret any of it. :)
publisher that has (mostly) computer related subjects, but again, very well covered, and generally very simple to understand.  I've purchased from them in the past, and had no complaints with their material.

There's plenty of other sites, besides the huge commercial ones like amazon, apple, barnes and noble, and so on.  All you need to do is look for them.  These are just the ones I could come up off the top of my head, or by taking a quick glance into my ebooks directory on my hd.  I have other sites I've purchased from too, but some of theose are gone now, or are specifically for specific magazine subscriptions, not general ebook sites, so I didn't include any of those.
If you want audio books,
is one place to find public domain audio books, and of course,, amazon, and again, if you perform a google search, hundreds of such sites pop up, so there's no reason to complain about lack of ebook sites to obtain material for reading, no matter what your preferences are.

On 8/2/2017 3:15 PM, Fantasy Sports wrote:
Thanks everyone for the help.  I will have to get some Kindle books and try out what you suggest.

Just curious, what other options are there for Ebooks besides Kindle and Amazon?   You guys
mentioned other formats and vendors of ebooks, but I am not aware of any that are mainstream.

Thank you.

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The latest version of the Kindle for PC app will work rather nicely with NVDA and, as of now, no accessibility plug-in is needed.

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I'd imagine you need the accessible version of the Kindle Application to read those unless somebody has hacked the format which is probably illegal.

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Dear Group,

There are many books on that are in Kindle form.

The description says they are only compatible with JAWS.

I'm wondering if reading these books is possible with NVDA?

Are these Kindle books the same thing as Ebooks, and are they
just something you can cut and paste into Notepad or Word?

Thanks for the help.


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