Re: Using NVDA for Ebooks and Kindle

David Moore

Hi all!

I do Google Searches for e-books a lot, and I have downloaded free books of all genres!

David Moore

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Oh, I forgot about smashwords! A lot of authors I read offer free

stuff, amazon makes them start off offering at $.99 till they do some

price matching crap first. They let you get a lot of different formats

to read.

What I like about them is that you can follow authors and get alerts

when they have a new book ( they are a lot faster at it than amazon if

you follow the same author there and

The only thing is the adult filter they have going on for searches. I

forget how, but you have to have an account and mess wit hthe settings

so that you can turn that off.


On 8/2/17, Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...> wrote:

> Are you kidding? There's hundreds of places to get ebooks. Here's just a

> few I use.


> they publish their own material, as well as provide ebooks for other

> publishers such as event horizons, Blind side, Fordstreet, Wordfire,

> Yarddog, ufo publishing, pinbeam, fairwood, jabberwocky, and others.

> (they have a program that you can join for free if you are print

> impaired to gain access to all of the books they publish, including the

> ones from other publishers.  It may not be on the main page, so you may

> have to hunt for it, but I've been a member for many years now, so

> haven't needed the link for quite some time.  If anyone has trouble

> finding it, let me know, and I can direct the proper people to you or

> vice versa).


> A couple authors got together, and put their books up there for sale, C.

> J. Cherry, and lynn Abbey are the two I'm aware of, though there may be

> others.


> mostly public domain books in the us, though there are a few commercial

> modern books there as well.


> Lots of independent authors put their books up here for download.  You

> can find all kinds of good stuff here, though you'll need to search,

> since there's not a whole lot of organization there, unless you like the

> categories they already have (I don't), so finding books is not as

> straightforward as it might otherwise be, but there are a good number of

> free stories on there too, so it's always worth a look.


> I primarily use them for a couple magazine subscriptions, but they have

> other things there too.


> Has several genres, including science fiction, mystery, and younger

> readers.  I generally only hit this site when a new book comes out by H.

> Susan Shaw, since we go to the same church, and her books are very amusing.


> Lots of books on technical topics, I've purchased things from them

> (mostly related to mac material), but the books are very well written,

> and are generally pretty full featured.


> Science fiction books written by a single author, but I've bought

> everything on the site, and didn't regret any of it. :)


> publisher that has (mostly) computer related subjects, but again, very

> well covered, and generally very simple to understand.  I've purchased

> from them in the past, and had no complaints with their material.

> There's plenty of other sites, besides the huge commercial ones like

> amazon, apple, barnes and noble, and so on.  All you need to do is look

> for them.  These are just the ones I could come up off the top of my

> head, or by taking a quick glance into my ebooks directory on my hd.  I

> have other sites I've purchased from too, but some of theose are gone

> now, or are specifically for specific magazine subscriptions, not

> general ebook sites, so I didn't include any of those.

> If you want audio books,


> is one place to find public domain audio books, and of course,

>, amazon, and again, if you perform a google search, hundreds

> of such sites pop up, so there's no reason to complain about lack of

> ebook sites to obtain material for reading, no matter what your

> preferences are.

> On 8/2/2017 3:15 PM, Fantasy Sports wrote:

>> Thanks everyone for the help.  I will have to get some Kindle books

>> and try out what you suggest.


>> Just curious, what other options are there for Ebooks besides Kindle

>> and Amazon?   You guys

>> mentioned other formats and vendors of ebooks, but I am not aware of

>> any that are mainstream.


>> Thank you.




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>>     The latest version of the Kindle for PC app will work rather

>>     nicely with NVDA and, as of now, no accessibility plug-in is needed.




>>     David Goldfield, Assistive Technology Specialist Feel free to

>>     visit my Web site WWW.DavidGoldfield.Info

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>>>     I'd imagine you need the accessible version of the Kindle

>>>     Application to read those unless somebody has hacked the format

>>>     which is probably illegal.

>>>     Brian


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>>>>     Dear Group,


>>>>     There are many books on that are in Kindle form.


>>>>     The description says they are only compatible with JAWS.


>>>>     I'm wondering if reading these books is possible with NVDA?


>>>>     Are these Kindle books the same thing as Ebooks, and are they

>>>>     just something you can cut and paste into Notepad or Word?


>>>>     Thanks for the help.














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