Re: Thunderbird Add On To Allow First Letter Navigation For Folders

Ron Canazzi

Hi Don,

I have looked for some others that would be specifically for Thunderbird. I have used the Thunderbird add on manager to do so and I haven't found any that seem to do much to enhance screen reader usage.

I am wondering if anyone knows if there is any way to get Thunderbird to group messages by conversation as other mail programs such as Outlook Express and Windows Mail did in the past. By this I mean that Thunderbird does not group all messages with the same subject line and the reply (re:) prefix in the subject line into one group. For some reason, this type of feature is lacking. I almost never get all 20 or more messages in a conversation thread grouped properly in Thunderbird. I usually get 6 or 7 in one group, 3 or 4 in another group and the rest in still another group.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed this and found a solution--be it add on or otherwise.

On 8/2/2017 5:37 PM, Don H wrote:
OK this add on has some potential. Are there any other Thunderbird add on's that anyone suggests that would be good for us screen reader users.

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