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Well it would be good if react os would become accessible.
One thing that is a driving force for me is it will run windows programs and therefore games and screen readers probably though thats not the only thing.
With the rise of ms own account system, and later oses such as windows 8x and 10 a lot of things we have taken for granted are on the move or going out.
The desktop app is on the way out, and while I know those of us that have embraced cross platform and touch tablets are round and getting more commenplace there are still those I'd imagine like me that have never changed.
I for example would still be quite happy with an xp like interface, or a win7 like interface for windows and office and everything else without the crazy ribbon system wishfull as it currently is.
And in some way being I came round the time dos was still king I sometimes want to return to the simple times where your os was just a basic crappy box where you shoved apps on.
As it is, I have used the desktop so much the cloud and all the online apps are something I have never been born into and I see no reason bar the obvious why I would want to change now.
In fact I see no reason from a user standpoint for what I do to even upgrade from xp though I do like the newer 7 interface.
As an os a windows 10 core is nice but even so I see no need for the extra features.
At the same time I wouldn't mind staying with a windows like os, as while yes there is linux I have to deal with windows and windows is what I grew up mostly with.
Its why I have a simbian cell now and will for some time.
And its probably why I have windows 7 and others in my immediate family will for the future do also.
Every time I try to get the nerve to upgrade I and my family have found it harder and harder to upgrade an os.
windows 3x to 95 was a no brainer.
as was 95 to 98 and then from 98 to xp.
But that is where it stuck, I saw no need to go vista.
And if xp hadn't gone out of support I wouldn't have left that.
I am happy I went to 7 though.
However yet again another sticking point, I see no need to ever upgrade again.
And with my dad retiring at the end of next month, the drive to have the latest legal office program and latest legal os is greatly diminished.
Now thats not going to mean I won't upgrade, or that I will pirate the next windows and office but its going to get just that bit harder to move on to use something I wouldn't ever need.
Even if its true I would probably be fine with it afterward.
Now if I could buy an os core and use whatever interface I want and whatever feature set and take bits and bobs of both it wouldn't matter a dime but I have to take it or leave it and that really starts to put me in a position especially now my funds will be more reduced.
Its going to become a have to rather than like to.
Or to put it another way, a if it works and I don't loose my data then I won't.
But like all things react os may never get there.

On 12/04/2016 11:18 a.m., Pete wrote:

I keep checking on the react os project. It is up 04.40 now.
So far in accessibility they came up with a built in magnifier and
looks like some kind of access wizard.
I think they need blind computer users to show an interest in it. May
be they will get it accessible.
The read me is belo.
ReactOS™ Version 0.4.x
Updated January 5, 2016

1. What is ReactOS?

ReactOS™ is an Open Source effort to develop a quality operating system
that is
compatible with applications and drivers written for the Microsoft®
Windows™ NT
family of operating systems (NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Seven).

More information is available at:

2. Relationship with the WINE project

ReactOS has always intended to work with the WINE project to share as much
programming effort as possible. This mainly concerns User Mode DLLs and
still happens to a degree today. Other areas of cooperation lie in
applications and testing suites.

3. Future compatibility

The ReactOS project, although currently focused on Windows Server 2003
compatibility, is always keeping an eye toward compatibility with
Windows Vista and future Windows NT releases.

4. Supporting other System Applications

The Windows NT architecture allows for subsystems, as does the ReactOS
architecture. A subsystem is an implementation of the APIs of another
operating system, allowing ReactOS to run applications from other systems.
We are already looking at subsystems for: Java, OS/2, and DOS and possibly
others in the future.

5. Tutorials

Developer and User Tutorials:

The tutorials contain more information on the project, compiling and
ReactOS - amongst other topics. Contributors to the project are always

6. Author

This document was written by Jason Filby (jasonfilby@...).



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