Problem With Thunderbird And grouping Messages By Conversation

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I started this accidentally in another thread, but I thought it sufficiently far afield to start a new thread on it.

I do indeed see the group by conversation item. But when I choose it, unlike other mail programs, I get those messages with the same subject line grouped in sub groups rather than in one group. By this I mean that for example, if I have a conversation that starts out as 'problem with latest Windows ten download and then 19 more messages with the subject line 'Re: Problem with latest windows ten download' that I have say 3 groups of the messages: one with 6 messages, one with 9 messages and one with 5 messages--rather than the whole group being put in a single 20 message thread. I have never been able to figure out what settings to change to have them grouped as they would be in Outlook Express or Windows Mail--with all such messages in a thread in one single 20 message group.

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