Re: "Infinite Scrolling" in NVDA

Mallard <mallard@...>

I can put it:

but I'm afraid you won't see the problem if you're not logged in.

Unfortunately, sometimes the only way one has to ask a question is by describinb the issue... (wmile)..

I think I might have solved it, even if it may be a sort of workaround, rather than a real solution.
I'll post my findings in a separate message.

Il 12/04/2016 11:50, Brian's Mail list account ha scritto:
Did you put the address of the offending page out to the list?
Its a bit hard to advise otherwise.


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Subject: [nvda] "Infinite Scrolling" in NVDA

Hello all,

I have a strange issue with the usual online supermarket site...

They have recently rebuilt their site to make it mobile-friendly, but they have enlisted help from our Italian organization for the blind, and whoever gave advice only tested the site with Jaws 14 and Internet Explorer 11.

Now, I use NVDA and Firefox, and I'm encountering an issue with scrolling product lists.

Earlier they had a series of links to go to the next page, but now you just have to scroll down.
PageDown should work, but it doesn't for me.

That you know of, would there be a NVDA key or key combination to manage that?


I'm using Firefox 45, with the latest Next of NVDA.

Should I find a solution first, I'll report back.


Il 12/04/2016 03:24, Gene ha scritto:
You are probably using the illegal add on, which is not allowed to be discussed on list.
Are you aware that there are versions of Eloquence that are legal and that are not expensive in terms of U.S. dollars?
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*Subject:* Re: [nvda] Changing the volume

Eti eloquence

On Apr 11, 2016, at 8:21 PM, Gene <gsasner@... <mailto:gsasner@...>> wrote:

What synthesizer are you using?
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*Subject:* [nvda] Changing the volume

Hello when I go into preferences and I try to raise the volume and when I click on OK it does not except my changes. What am I doing wrong? I am using Windows 7 thanks
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