Re: NVDA Stuck in Focus Mode

David Goldfield

Hi. Yes, he is using the system default settings. The issue is that NVDA won't go into browse mode and pressing insert+space doesn't toggle from focus mode to browse mode. However, another list member provided me with a github ticket which might possibly lead us down the right path.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA Stuck in Focus Mode
did you try automatic focus mode for focus changes and and automatic
focus mode for caret changes in browsmode to see if its make sense.
first uncheck both, for me the first one is checked and the second one
is unchecked.

On 8/4/17, David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...> wrote:
> Hello. I'm working with someone who is using NVDA 2017.2 on a Windows 7 Pro
> machine. Recently, the copy of NVDA he is using seems to be totally stuck in
> focus mode when loading either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Keyboard
> and language are both set to US English. I even had him remove the contents
> of his appdata\roaming\nvda  folder to begin with a fresh install but it's
> still stuck into focus mode. Pressing insert+spacebar does not toggle from
> focus mode into browse mode. This is a very recent issue, just starting
> yesterday after over a year of trouble-free use. Has anybody else
> experienced this and what is the best solution?

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