Re: Moderator's warning (surprise, sharks are friendly too): Will feed him anyway #adminnotice


Hello Arlene, Marvin and others,

For Marvin: don’t worry, this message isn’t directed at you.

Recently, some on social media sent harsh messages to a consulting agency about one of their products, and some went so far as use derogatory terms in order to harass some. As I outlined in a recent open letter to NVDA community (see the link below), if there is one thing I’ll not accept from this community, it is name calling. To some, jokes are fine, but to those targeted, they may question self-worth. Although my letter was aimed for those using social media, this applies to this list as well. I’ll reiterate what I said in that letter: as it stands now, the reputation of this community, and in extension, NVDA itself is in jeopardy due to our attitudes, words and actions in the past. Don’t take this warning lightly: the reputation of NVDA is shaped by you: your attitudes, words and actions, just as your support, enthusiasm, promotion and help shapes the reputation of this community-driven screen reader.

I’ll not close this thread today. But as I’m known for showing mercy and being serious about my own words at the same time, I’d like to make it clear one thing: this is a public forum that can be searched from all over the world, so please be careful with what you say.



·         Lee, Joseph S. An open letter to NVDA Community: Hartgen Consultancy, we owe you an apology:


Cheers (with heavy heart),



From: marvin kotler [mailto:m.kotler53@...]
Sent: Friday, March 4, 2016 8:02 PM
Subject: [nvda] Re: Will feed him anyway


I got him to read, but I think I will feed him to the shark at least 17 times.

From: Arlene

Sent: Friday, March 04, 2016 7:46 PM

Subject: Re: [nvda] nvda still will not read


Loll! Feed him to the shark!


From: marvin kotler [mailto:m.kotler53@...]
Sent: March-04-16 5:39 PM
Subject: [nvda] nvda still will not read


This is Marv here again.  I am using laptop layout just like in jaws.  When I use insert plus downarrow, nvda just reads a little bit; a line or so.  Any other tricks I can try; should I feed him LOL.


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