Re: NVDA Remote and secure desktops


I have noticed this myself with uac and secure desktop of late here.
No idea how to fix it.
and nvda will need a soundcard.
One thing I guess you could do is have a portable on the server, then each system that logs on well it just runs and the user can install it.
Failing that, the only thing I can suggest is you have the file to install on the server and then have it installed on every system you have that needs it.

I know thats not what you want to hear but it may be the easiest way.

On 13/04/2016 7:06 a.m., Simon Eigeldinger wrote:

In my new job we also need to manage some computers and help people with
some issues.
We have installed NVDA on some machines and some settings.
the remote add-on automatically connects to my computer which acts as a
so basically the user just needs to activate nvda which is quiet on
their side and nvda connects automatically.
the same settings are also in the systemconfig directory so the secure
desktop and admin stuff should be able to use the connection as well.
but interestingly i have no connection or at least no audio when such a
screen is open. for example when i have to do some admin tasks and i get
asked for my password nvda is quiet.
but talks after the password has been entered or the secure desktop has
anyone knows how to solve that?
for help it would be very apreciated.
i use nvda 2016.1 and the nvda remote 1.2 add-on.
the OS is windows 7 pro 64 bit.


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