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Have a sus of the FAQ section on this page it might answer some of your questions. NVDA has more than the 2 modes I have heard about with jaws to get to stuff.  There is also a add on called golden cursor that might help you. You can grab the add on from within the nvda add on manager where the add ons are installed there is a button i think it is called get add ons which will take you up to the nvda add on website that is coming together of the add osn we know about.

I do have some audio tutorials if you are interested, which might also help in this area at
The other tutorials are more to get people up and running with nvda from off those pages.

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On 13-Apr-16 1:38 PM, Glenn Haggerty wrote:

I'm switching from Jaws to NVDA and am struggling to understand the User's Guide. Does anyone know of any good training videos. In particular I'm having trouble understanding NVDA's equiv of the Jaws cursor and PC cursor, I read about: object navigation, the review cursor and Screen Review, system caret but the description and function of these items are not clear.

Check out my website for nvda tutorials and other blindness related material at

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