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Okay, when you are focused on Studio window (especially the main playlist), what does NVDA say when you press Control+NVDA+F1? If it says, "currently running application is splstudio.exe and currently loaded module is splstudio", then something odd is going on with your settings or something. If it only announces splstudio.exe, then the app module isn't running at all. One possible way to fix this is go into the NVDA user configuration folder, go to add-ons folder, locate StationPlaylist and delete that folder, then back on the main user config folder, delete splstudio.ini to perform a manual reset. Then reinstall the add-on and see if that makes a difference.

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Hi Joseph and others,
I somehow managed to break the spl addon for NVDA. I had a power outage.
When the computer came back on, things weren't quite working as they should with some of my shortcut keys. Such as activating the SPL Assistante layer, getting weather info, etc. In the past, whenever I had issues, I would just go in and delete the key assignments and assign them again, and would be good to go. However, it appears I accidently deleted the command entirely, not just the keys assigned to them. No idea how that could even happen, but in the area do assign gestures and key commands, these options do not even appear.
I have tried to uninstall and then reinstall the addon, with no such luck. Studio itself continues to run normally, so I don't think anything got messed up there. Any idea how this could have happened? Even more importantly, any idea how I can go about fixing it?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Kind regards,
Justin Harris

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