Future of NVDA

George Zaynoun


This is my first message to this list.

What most concerns me now is the Braille support in this free screen reader.

I want the navigation keys on any Braille display to function on the whole screen and not just locked to the current line. If possible make Braille navigation support function like in Dolphin screen reader or Freedom Scientific's JAWS.

Braille input according to selecting a Braille table should be addressed, so say I select Swedish for output there should also be Swedish input same for Arabic, input and output can be separate or combined together with a checkbox.

Likewise changing synthesizer language should in my opinion affect Braille table through a checkbox, however I like using the profile method now.

Espeak sounds horrible in Arabic, would be nice to devote great development work to it, more concerns later.

Georges Zeinoun
Timmerv. 6A ITR LGH1102, 54163 SKÖVDE SWEDEN
Tel: +46 (500) 48 29 29 +46 (500) 43 55 11

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