Re: loss of speech with latest Next version

Jacob Kruger

I've had this a few times, and, hitting enter on the non-functional system tray icon will make it disappear, whereas hitting enter on the active one will invoke context menu - this is under my windows 10 64 bit machine, but, think it should work similarly under things like windows 7, etc. as well - as in, hitting enter on an inactive icon should dismiss it.

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On 2017-08-10 05:13, Gene wrote:

When programs crash, if they show in the system tray, the crash will usually leave the item in the system tray but it no longer functions.  You have to use the new item for it in the system tray placed there when the program runs again. 
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From: Don H
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Subject: [nvda] loss of speech with latest Next version

I reported earlier that I have lost speech several times with the latest
Next version of NVDA on a Win 10 system.  When this happens I use the
shortcut key to start NVDA and I regain speech.  After having done that
I now have two instances of NVDA showing in the system tray.  Never had
this happen before this latest Next version.

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